The Barnyard

I’m on vacation this week, so I thought you might enjoy a visit with Rose’s barnyard companions. Feeding and watering of these critters would be solely her responsibility. And, truth is, she’s a bit more attached to them than a farm wife ought to be.

Sources & Notes

  1. The Lady Farmer whose Kitchen’s Garden blog I follow calls the pigs she raises plonkers in an attempt to stay suitably detached when it’s time for the cute piggies to become bacon.
  2. My maternal great-grandfather was in the business of prize Hereford hogs, unlike Harold & Rose who raise just enough for themselves with a few leftover to sell.
  3. Starlight is a Jersey milk cow, like her more famous cousin Elsie.
  4. All sorts of poultry breeds… and then some… right here.
  5. Isn’t that Delilah a beauty? Morgans were known for their versatility, be it pulling a plow, a carriage, or being used just for riding, thus making them the perfect horse for a small farm. Truth be told, Rose is most comfortable around the horses, as this is the only animal she had experience with “pre-farm.”
  6. Ok… it’s true; most of what I know about farms I learned from a famous Leghorn… Foghorn Leghorn, that is…
  7. You might remember Gorgeous George. He’s a twentse breed of chicken, and just about the prettiest thing that both Rose and I have ever seen.
  8. You can’t have a Delilah without a Sampson, but we’re keeping the scissors far out of reach as Harold needs this Cleveland Bay, another versatile draft horse, to retain his strength.
  9. The Holstein is the most common breed of dairy cow. And like giraffes, no two animals have the same pattern of spots. Rose thinks the white spot on her Holstein looks like the continent Africa, so that’s why she named her Cleopatra.
  10. Did you like the Barnyard cupcakes in my featured photo? You can learn to make them by watching this handy video.

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