My W-I-P

I hesitate to call it a novel just yet, as it’s mainly a mish-mash of words at the moment. So, I’ll go with W-I-P: work-in-progress. And, if all goes according to plan*, below is what the finished product will be about.

Riley McIntyre’s a city girl. Always has been. Always will be.

But all that changes when Gram dies and leaves Riley the family farm.

Her plan: go in, settle Gram’s affairs, then sell as quickly as possible. That is, until she starts receiving threatening letters warning her to leave. Her reporter instincts tell her there’s a story behind those letters and she aims to find out what it is. Besides, who’d be fool enough to cause her trouble with the Sheriff living on the neighboring farm?

When she uncovers a trunk hidden in Gram’s closet, though, she wonders if she’s made the right decision. Maybe Rose’s secrets are better off forgotten.


Rose married for love. Against the wishes of her mother, and “from the wrong side of the tracks” as Mother liked to point out. She had to admit, farm life was not what she expected.

Nor is she the quintessential farm wife. She can’t cook, knows nothing about the chores she’s expected to handle, and doesn’t understand how tight money really is.

None of that matters to Harold. With Rose at his side, he’s driven to provide her with everything her heart desires.

He can’t stave off the economic disaster that sets the nation—and his farm—into a spiral, though. But, with the connections of the stranger they’ve nursed back to health, he can, and does, take drastic measures to keep them all afloat.

*Disclaimer: Some characters have a tendency to take over the manuscript, causing all sorts of havoc to occur, sometimes resulting in a totally different story than the one originally imagined. Time will tell whether or not any of my characters go rogue in this fashion.

3 thoughts on “My W-I-P

  1. time2express says:

    Hi Taylor, I saw your comment about the possible Jane Austen sampler on the Jane Austen’s World blog. In response to researching UK genealogy – are you aware of the free UK genealogy website? I made a quick search on it ( and found a Frederick Nicholls who was born in 1837 in the district of Canterbury which, according to Wikipedia, is where Whitstable is located. I don’t have the energy to follow up on it, but in case you do, I thought I’d send you the information. Cheers!


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