The mythical town of…

One thing I’ve learned while writing is that I have a terrible visual imagination. I can describe how something feels. Or smells. And I’m pretty good with emotion. But ask me to describe how something looks and if it’s not right there in front of me, I go totally blank.

Maybe I’m afraid I’ll get it wrong? Without looking at it first?

Take my mythical town of Henderson…

I know there’s a bank, a post office, a department store, a drugstore, a grocer, a blacksmith/garage, a movie theater, a milliner, a city park, a church… There ought to be a place to drink, because… uh, bootlegging!. And someplace to dance.

Is there more? I don’t know; I don’t have a ton of experience with small towns. [1]

Because of that, I have a really hard time imagining street layouts and how a tiny town might be platted. So I’ve borrowed… From the small town of Jeffersontown, KY. [2] Jeffersontown has a doctor, grocer, college, several churches, and a post office. No obvious town square like I’d hoped, but it gives me an idea from which to start.

Want to help? I’d love suggestions of other businesses my mythical town should have. Or where would be the most likely place to situate a business. Don’t be shy; it’s things just like this that the comments section is for. <big grin>

Sources & Notes

  1. Remember this post where I confess to being a city girl?
  2. Both the header picture (circa 1920) and the plat (circa 1880) are from The Founding of Jeffersontown.

One thought on “The mythical town of…

  1. This sounds fun to me! You could have anything you wanted… a pawn shop, a toy shop, a library in an upstairs room, the dry goods store, a drugstore… Or leave it all blank until the day you need something specific!


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