“Did you see this, honey?” Rose peered over the newspaper, one eyebrow cocked skyward, telegraphing her interest. “’Costumes for the American Legion’s annual Halloween Dance can be procured at the Armory any time after Saturday noon. Prices reasonable,’” she read. “That would be fun. Art Shook’s old-time orchestra will be there. Can we go?”

“You know I don’t dance.” He hated to disappoint her. But he had a surprise already planned for Saturday. Complete with costumes and everything.

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Location, Location, Location


You might be wondering why I’ve chosen rural Nebraska just on the outskirts of Omaha as the setting for my story.

Well, apart from my obvious family connection to the area, it has a great bootlegging history, and that history is partially the cause for this WIP in the first place. Long before Rose or Harold insinuated their way into my brain, I was digging around on Omaha history webpages looking for information about one of Dear Husband’s relatives who lived there in the early 1900s. Instead I found a new crime boss in the real life Tom Dennison and his underworld denizens. More than just bootlegging, Dennison owned Omaha in the early 1900s, and nothing happened there without his say so.

What a perfect foil for a poor farmer, down on his luck, needing some quick cash.

Watch out, Harold!