A Rose by any other name…


Have you been wondering about the picture that shows when I post new content? It’s a picture of Rose, or more accurately, how I imagine Rose. I found the original picture while looking for 1929 fashion examples.

The image doesn’t look much like a farmer’s wife, and I guess that’s the point. This woman is sophisticated without being haughty, and very much a product of an urban upbringing. I mean, can you imagine trying to keep that hairstyle just-so while slopping the pigs? Or mucking with the laundry?

What kind of things do you think would be a challenge for a city girl on a farm? Give me some ideas in the comments below; maybe I can use one of them for a new scene.

PS: The “sketch”-y version of this picture was made using the SketchGuru app. It’s a lot of fun to play with.

6 thoughts on “A Rose by any other name…

  1. Lee Ann Love says:

    Getting up early and breaking ice so the cattle or animals can have water. It is 4 degrees outside with a windchill factor of negative 15.
    You go to feed the chickens in the morning and the raccoons have gotten into the chicken house and there are feathers and chicken parts everywhere.
    This city girl had some adjustments living on the farm


  2. I’ve always loved this “sketchy” little drawing of Rose! I can imagine the repetitive nature of farm chores would be an eye-opening experience–milking cows twice a day, collecting eggs, churning butter (My mother did this one as a girl in the ’30s. She read while she did it. 😉


  3. What about spring, and the cow is calving, and there’s only the farm boy on hand and he’s only ever dealt with horses…
    Or the first night she has to stay up with a sick animal, maybe a horse with pneumonia…
    Or something spooks the cows and they won’t let down their milk…
    Hmm, I like this idea of a raise the stakes challenge. I need to think of problems to throw at all my urban characters!


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