A Corn-y Mystery

Okay. I apologize for the bad pun. Just trying to keep with the corn theme from my last post.

There’s actually a mystery surrounding this picture. Two mysteries, to be honest. The first is about little green men. Martians. Men from outer space.

According to this article by the Nebraska State Historical Society, people all around southern Nebraska reported seeing

“an air ship… about 500 feet above ground… At first sight it has the appearance of an immense star, but after a closer observation the powerful light shows by its color to be artificial… illuminated by powerful electric dynamos… then taking a bee line west it traveled at a most remarkable speed…”

Newspapers in Hastings, Omaha, Kearney, Hebron, Grand Island, Fremont, everywhere in that general area (which is the general area in which Rose lives), actually, reported the phenomenon, and theories abounded, the most common of which had to do with alcohol, as in had too much of it.

But I said two mysteries, didn’t I?

The second mystery is where this picture came from. Wikipedia sources it as a newspaper sketch from 1897, but so far I haven’t been able to find the newspaper.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Rose.

Unless I have her visited by Martians.

Which really has nothing to do with my story.

Okay, I promise to get back on task. Maybe a snippet soon; you tell me a post I should base my snip on or give me a prompt and I shall oblige… assuming an alien corn ship doesn’t get me first.

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