Oh, Harold. I must have a Lido hat!

1929lidohatLido Hat
Price: $1.95
Description Charming face looks its best under the chic silhouetted lines of this model. Suave lines copied from a high-priced import, in a pleasingly soft, good quality wool felt. Shaped in low helmet fashion at sides; close-cropped at back for utmost coat-collar ease. The soft-rolling, graduated brim is clipped in two-tab effect at side and edged with finely plaited grosgrain ribbon matching the band with cut loop ends. Double-ended rhinestone pins flash from tabs.

This lovely Lido¹ hat was all the rage in 1929, so I’m certain that Rose wanted one. She is, after all, a modern, albeit poor, woman. This particular hat might even be affordable if she saved her pennies since it is not the Paris design but one copied from the “high-priced import.”

What really caught my attention about this hat, though, was this description: “Shaped in low helmet fashion…”

Now, look again at the picture, but this time imagine your favorite ancient god. Doesn’t the grosgrain ribbon features remind you of Hermes’ winged helmet? Or the sides of Ares’ war armor? Or Thor’s winged hat?

Or perhaps the design is less mythological and more historical… invading Vikings, or Philip the Handsome’s headgear?

ameliafp1Or maybe, it’s just a nod to aviation; you know, Amelia Earhart with a twist. Whatever the case, Rose has a serious hankering for a Lido Hat.

I wonder what Harold is going to say about that?


¹Vintage 1929 Fashion Accessories

2 thoughts on “Oh, Harold. I must have a Lido hat!

    • They are rather making a comeback, what with all the 1920s movies out lately: Fantastic Beasts, Live by Night, and there’s some third one coming out soon that I’ve seen the trailer for, but for the life of me can’t remember. At any rate, my point being, this era is getting pretty popular.


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