Eighty-Eight Years Young

A verse of Happy Birthday is in order.

On this day (January 17, 1929) eighty-eight years ago Popeye the Sailor Man was born. He wasn’t much of anybody back then. Just a spare character needed to get the main character, Olive Oyl, where she needed to be. Who knew he’d be such a scene stealer?


I’ve never been much of a Popeye fan. But to be honest, reading the 1929 funny pages are a study in how humor changes over the years. I’ll find a few and post them soon so you can see what I mean.

Until then, maybe open up a can of spinach and wish Popeye a happy birthday.

3 thoughts on “Eighty-Eight Years Young

  1. Nan says:

    I never imagined Popeye as a secondary character. My dad was a navy sailor. Our family loved Popeye the sailor man. Happy Birthday Popeye!


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